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could bring something to the commission and i did my homework so you guys low be proud to appoint if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them >> any questions. thank you very much. question supervisor cowen >> come back, come back. one question. one of the things that's interesting that people come here and want to be 30i7b9 and sometimes tha in their remarks they daily what they hope to accomplish i'm curious if 30i7b9d what are some of the things you'll be working on >> i have thought about that i know the work of the commission is pretty stuff.
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i i know it's complicated stuff. i know they're working on the implementation of obamacare. in addition, like i said, i'm working with the goldman school i'll probably be there six months doing the research what are the immigration things in san francisco and what has the board done in the past. i think i'll follow a long-term goal. to answer your question while i'm building and working on something specific i'd like to implement >> you say you're a student now. >> right. >> what's the plan to manage
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our time. >> i know they meet on monday at 1 o'clock. i'm halfway you done so the workload is not an issue. i spoke in my conversation that was one of the questions how much time do you do in precipitate work. i was told the meetings don't last more than an hour mayor ed lee and maybe take a couple of hours of prep time >> are tell you pktd any other commissions you'd be interested in. >> one of the questions i answered was i felt i had the rezit skills and references and i don't want to half step
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anything i want to hit the ground running as fast as i can if i thought there were other commissions but this is the one i actually can come in and do some work. >> do you live in san francisco. >> i do. >> thank you. i have no questions. >> thank you very much. the next speaker please. good afternoon chair yee and supervisor breed and supervisor cowen. first of all, thank you for your consideration i'm grateful for the experience i've had in the last two years and working alongside colleagues that are up for repoint in time. i think we've worked 45rd and long. i will tell you about my
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personal story my family came from south america. i feel the district 9 is where i elapsed any values and chose my career and not to do public service that were i've worked in public service i've serviced or served two mayor's in san francisco. i currently service the working dock that's american people orchestrates serving sfoulg immigrant it's an organization that i went to as a young child. it's a full circle to come back and have serve the community. my mother went there seeking help. i get the combrieths i understand the immigrant experience and how to better their lives. as that's the main inspiration i
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try to lead by example. i'll honored to be reconsidered for this appointment and if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. i'm sorry how long have you been on the commission >> two years. >> okay two years and what have you accomplished. >> we worked 45rd we created legislation policies in the if not community within san francisco. we try to hold a series of hearings we want to push for expensive immigration reform. we're going to continue to work toward this. we worked really hard to work on a variety of bill from understanding critical policies and we've worked hard for the
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due process and workers rights. we know how important city college is to immigrant community. and we needed to convey how important to keep city college open it's a lifeline for immigrant and what they contributed to san francisco. we're concerned about the impact of the affordable health care and there's also some day to day issues like driver's license issues and, you know, local law enforcement issues making sure that the language access is there for all our community. we've done good due diligence and really understanding the issues but most important to make you all aware of what's important in the immigrant community >> you've having had a a lot of collective issues have you done any advocacy on the national level as we continue to push for
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immigration. >> our chair a bill who has a national renowned voice he's been our representative here in san francisco and kathleen here background is good and her writings have been 235u6r7d featured. we've used the expertise to bring, this up to the national level nooifrt congress people and there's been 87 in sacramento. i think we've worked hard through the directors office to fry toy highlight the important issues. san francisco has been a leader on many issues. we started the sanctuary movement and we were the catalyst across california and we continue to lead on a lot of under no circumstances issues
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>> are you still applying for a residency waiver. >> yes. i am. unfortunately as our family grew my wife and i continue to serve >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. mario, how long have you been the executive director of the program >> it's been 8 years. >> really. >> yeah, it's been a great experience. >> how do you tie-in your experience with this particular are commission this is immigrants from latino
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america. most of the families that served like my parenting parents they understand the issues they want to make sure their children have a better life and get the best education so we see the issues and barriers. many of them live in the shadows we don't ask or tell. that's why this is so important it will make people want to attribute. we see how poverty weeks ago on people their trans gentle and move across san francisco immigrants go toward affordable housing that's why you have hirnt point that's more diverse and we continue to see the
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impact of the new comer youth. by the serve several scalds that have a large number of newcomers youth and see the channels their vulnerable to gang recruitment and to drop out we want to make sure the english language learners are not far behind. i think i bring alls experiences to the committee and those issues that impact gantsz or gun points >> thank you very much and for you're good work and a neblths one up. and thank you four attending the president's speech on immigrants right >> thank you and again with my
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fellow commissioners up to this point to be considered for reappointment. i've been thunder be a part of this since 2012 and i'm proud of the work we've achieved. the history of the irish community goes back before the gold rush there were approximately 4 hundred irish and that number that glutin to thirty thousand. we continue to go up in numbers. the community has had a lot of engagement in san francisco. john sullivan you funded want savings and loan and the building society that helps immigrants with homes and the reservoir supplies our water. i 2k3w7b9d from ireland to san
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francisco and continue to fight for serves for the richest seniors there are still over half of the irish living in united states city and county. our population is over looked and united states number is approximately, six thousand and unfortunately seems to be ryder's and have a challenge of making a life in the city. as a member of the human rights commission the only irish e.r. europe pan person as part of the my role i've designed implemented and developed health and human services program for an immigrant community. i've effectively built partnerships with city's and st. mary's hospital.
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as part of the i pc we partner with immigrant organizations including san francisco organizing projects and san francisco based coalitions which i am a member. on the national level we work with the richest reform those collaborations have included the grassroots on capital hill for comprehensive reform. and i think this year i've managed to have 6 trips to d.c. to advocate on behalf of our immigrant community an capitol hill and have support from the members of the board and as we continue to struggle to effect
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change to monthly a broken immigration system we have an amazing ability to be the voice for a voiceless undocumented community. we live in the shadows and to bring their issues and concerned and needs to the mayor and board of supervisors. along with recommended to improve the programs and city policies. as vice chair of the commission i've proud of the work we've should very well together as a group and all my colleagues bring something interesting and varied to the table. some of the highlights as mario mentioned we've provided a special hearing policy and published a comprehensive report on conceptual be immigration reform that i've used in
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washington, d.c. and san francisco is a leader on the stage and with the human rights commission we can continue to lead and effect change. we've also had town hall meetings in district 2 and 67 and recently in district 5 on the affordable care act. my appointment in 2012 was to fill the interim left by another person. i would like to serve a full term. i believe that i bring a diverse and valuable prospective with the sound policy of sound thinking. i've fought the feet and i'm mreld pleased to bring that to the commission. immigrants built san francisco and it's their stories that
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build san francisco. i'd like to serve again, thank you >> supervisor breed. >> thank you, thank you so much for your statement. i want to know your schedule sum san francisco do you have a revised form to submit >> yes. it's going in i believe - sorry i need to check on that. yeah. it was submitted >> he can't but number 4 there was no box checked on whether or not there was no reportable income or schedules included there's nothing else and i'm not concerned i can't guess what -
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whether or not there was reportable income or not. >> may i look at that and come back to this - thank you. my apologizes nor missing that >> no, not haiti at this time. >> so it was none. >> yes. >> so if you could revise and submit. >> thank you for catching that. >> any other questions? supervisor cowen. >> well, i think here statement covered her past accomplishment and she needs satisfied all the questions i have. >> thank you. selena you are currently working for who >> the immigration center. >> and how long have i been
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there. >> fourteen years. >> 14 years have you done your national advocacy work through that. >> i also sit on the board for the coalition of irish at usa and the richest lobby for immigration reform has taken an ax in 2006 and 7 and today so as a member of two boards they've supported my advocacy on capitol hill. >> thank you very much. next speaker. okay. are i here. the last name is b e rb e a u.
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next speaker would the felix. >> good afternoon chair and supervisor breed and supervisor cowen. i would like to be brief. any act ladies describe my work with the commission. i am - i've been serving since 2007. and now i'm serving 0 for the chair of the member of the executive committee. as a person who came undocumented from guatemala in 1982 and now a citizen of this
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country i have experienced all the stages of being an gunpoint and for years i've helped to fight for justice justice and for immigrant workers to organize looker library i used to work for the council for four years. i was with local 2 and the union as well. the reason i'm here this afternoon. to express my commitment and interest to continue serving in our community. something i do because i know that there is a lot of people out there they need to be helped to achieve itself american dream. because i would like to continue in the commission i've been witnessing the problems of the commission during those years.
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the last two years we've achieved goals i mentioned earlier and we're willing to keep fighting for judicious for immigrants and for immigration reform that's needed as soon as possible. i'm a adversities to the guatemala immigration issues. i go to washington and lobby and, of course, i do the san francisco community too. opportunity if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them >> okay. my questions. supervisor breed >> thank you, mr. funning test you have an expressive resume. i have some concerns about your
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attention 50 periods of time you've only attended 4 of the last 7 meetings. this is a very important commission not only to san francisco but with some of the challenges we face we need people who are exempted and actually engaged that shapes things that happen around the city and country. i wanted to give you an opportunity to provide united states with an explanation as well as what might be different in moving if we decide to reappoint you. >> the reason i was absent because i had to travel to 2k3w5ud mall for family matters.
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i have some people's my family, relatives, their >> yes. >> i have folks that are ill and one of the times i missed because i was in washington as well. that's the reason other than that over the last seven years i've been there constantly and trying to do my best >> i have something to add. >> i'm sorry, i ask give you an attention but commissioner president chiu tests has not missed mid meetings and we have commissioners that are below 50 percent. >> i show he was at 50 percent but they were all xoutd. >> we have a updated record and
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it was submitted. >> we obtain information - we actually looked at the minutes from the meetings and researched the information directly but it's fine. it's clearly - the family issues happen so that's toeltd understanding >> director you mentioned there are 3 people that have 50 are any of those folks on this list we're hearing today. >> no two of them will be up for reappointment in june of next year and they're both commissioners that have not had time unfortunately, to attend more than half of the meetings and are those mayoral appointees and there's 3 one is a mayoral appoint at that has only been
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20/20 meets and her attention is 20 periods of time and the other two are 60 percent to be up for reappointment in june. >> ask another question, please. >> should we finish with this gentleman. >> oh, i'm sorry it was a follow-up to supervisor cowen. i just wanted to ask in terms of attention is there a - i know there's unofficial policies that exist around commissioners. are there any official policies for example, with the arts commission 3 unexceeded absence the chair asks the person to leave the chair so the opportunity can be made available for someone who who
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has time to serve do you have such a policy >> supervisor the bylaw because it was enacted is the chair or vice chair will notify the board of supervisors when we have and we report on a quarterly basis on attention records but there are no powers in the bylaws that is a i can knock someone off. >> i can the commissioners receive full health bends. >> not telephone number on this commission. >> so this commission doesn't alleyway allow for the option to receive health bends. >> no, it's not a chartered commission they don't even get parking. >> no spooipd. >> it's purely divorce. >> okay. thank you.
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wow. doesn't mean you couldn't attend the meetings (laughter) >> so any other questions of the 42 tests. >> seeing none, thank you very much. >> thank you very much arrest next person is mel have a maldonado add. >> very good. >> hello supervisors. supervisor chair, supervisor breed and supervisor cowen my name is mel have a i'm a work in san francisco. i'm the secretary director of the housed of the resource center. i've been working there for 16 years. i'm honored to be considered for reappointment.
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this is a very important commission and we work hard 40 for the people we serve. i am an immigrant from puerto rico i came here, no 1977. i'm devoted a large part of my life to struggle for the rights of the defashioned or oppress here in san francisco central america and other places. i would like to serve one more time in this commission to help fulfill along with my colleagues the work we set four ourselves last year. as you may know we've worked very hard in policy recommendations luke local will i to the board of supervisors
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and mayor on the sanctuary city and a public safety under the local trust act an language access and immigrant. at the state level we have worked and followed and put a policies recommendations on under no circumstances the california domestic workers bill of rights driver's license for undocumented and other bills that effect immigrants. at the federal level we've asked leaders and representatives to enact the immigration reform that relevance a quality for justice for all. we engage and listen carefully
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to the san franciscan immigrant community to meetings & living and breathing our daily lives here in san francisco. thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to serve as part of this commission. >> thank you. any questions? no questions >> thank you very much. >> okay. >> i think the last person is moses. >> timothy moses. >> i didn't see a timothy. >> good afternoon honorable board members. i'm timothy i'm an immigrant from africa and have been in san francisco since

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